Puressentiel Foundation is supporting the Froggies Family association in their actions in South Africa.

Puressentiel was born in 2005 by co-founders Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni from their passion for aromatherapy and natural ingredients. 
The family run and independent laboratory offers a wide range of safe, effective and easy to use products made using the best essential oils, natural or organic active ingredients, for the health, beauty and well-being of the whole family.
Sharing has always been one of Puressentiel’s fundamental values. The Puressentiel Foundation, in a mission to protect nature, childhood and health, support several organisations and partners that share their solidarity commitment. Included is the ‘La Froggies Family’, a French association which collects funds to help finance long-lasting projects for the benefit of disadvantaged children.
Last year Puressentiel committed to helping protect and support 1000 South African children by giving 21 early childhood development centres access to safe clean water, as well as hot water.
This is yet another reason why we’re proud to be associated with Puressentiel. Not only do they produce phenomenal products but their ethics and principals are aligned with that of our own company. 
We offer their Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray in South Africa. A patented formula of 41 organic essential oils that is clinically proven, in over 15 studies, to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi and dust mites.⁣