Supporting a Nutrient Vulnerable Community⁣

We’re proud to announce that we’ve developed a targeted immune-boosting supplement specifically for a vulnerable community in the Eastern Cape, and have donated a month’s supply to 10,000 residents.⁣

The supplement is geared towards boosting immunity and protecting against infections like Covid-19.⁣

“While social distancing, masks and sanitisers may play a role, the immune system is vital for protection – and science confirms that addressing nutritional deficiencies is critical. Neglecting this is counter-productive,” says our CEO, Kevin Coyne⁣

The multi-nutrient immune-boosting supplement comprises of:⁣
√ Selenium⁣
√ Vitamins C and D3⁣
√ Zinc⁣
√ Magnesium⁣

“Stronger immunity and better health should alleviate pressure on the health system. We’d like to further develop this supplement to make it as cost effective as possible and to reach many more vulnerable South Africans,” says Kevin.⁣

We will be distributing these supplement packs to 10,000 residents of Bathurst, Eastern Cape, in late July.⁣