Curcumin may help fight Alzheimer’s – neuroscientist

A neuroscientist, author and expert on Alzheimer’s disease says there is growing evidence that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, may help fight the brain disorder which affects over 44 million people globally.   Alzheimer’s, which affects 750 000 South Africans, is a type of dementia associated with memory loss and other serious cognitive problems. […]

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Just two sugary drinks a week is hazardous – research

Research shows that just two sugar sweetened beverages a week may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, while drinking one a day may raise blood pressure.   A Stellenbosch University review of 36 studies found that the consumption of sweetened drinks is steadily rising worldwide, impacting directly on metabolic syndrome — a cluster of […]

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Detox daily to avoid unhealthy annual

Eating a well-balanced, nutrition-rich diet consistently and pursuing a healthy lifestyle will eliminate the need to detox or purge after the holidays, according to a leading nutritional expert.   Vanessa Ascencao says consistent healthy eating will also lead to weight loss which will in turn help counter diabetes, heart disease and various other illnesses.   […]

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